Travel Tips: How to Save Yourself Time and Hassle with a Smaller Packing List

Posted on: August 11th, 2016

limo service FLPacking for corporate travel can be frustrating – and it’s time consuming. You don’t want to have to haul too much, but at the same time, you can’t forget anything critical. It’s a fact….most people over pack. This is a natural thing to do. With a few travel tips, your entire packing process could be streamlined, saving you time, hassle and the weight factor. Here’s how:

Interchangeable Outfits

The only way to avoid lugging large amounts of clothing with you is to take items that you can mix-and-match. If you have clothing that can be dressed up and down, as the situation demands, you’ll not need so many items.

This will probably mean avoiding really distinctive clothing that can’t easily be matched, such as bold patterns or prime colors. Neutral colors are the safest bet and will always be appropriate. If you want to reduce the time taken to pack, buy you business clothing in set of two, that way you’ll have a travel set and an office set and you won’t need to re-pack on the eve of every business trip.

The goal in packing clothes and other items is to end up with a small carry-on bag instead of a large case. This will cost less money and time at the airport and make you entire experience hassle-free. To facilitate this you should consider a light travel washing kit, with small quantities of necessary liquids.

Superfluous Documentation

You may travel with a mass of cards, wallets, identity documents and printed tickets. In the age of the smart phone much of this is unnecessary. Your paper tickets can be replaced by an e-ticket on your phone and you do not need to carry a passport when flying domestically. Additionally, carrying unnecessary credit cards and money could increase the consequences of being a victim of crime. Streamlining your travel documentation will also save you time at the airport, making the whole process more agreeable.

Ultimately, we can’t guarantee your trip will be smooth, fast or hassle-free beyond our vehicle, but we can offer you one certainty: ground transportation booked with us will be punctual, pleasant and perfectly planned. CEO Transportation offers limousine and corporate transportation in the Central Florida area and would be proud to be your future transportation partner, call us today!

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